Work From Home Culture Demands Building Security Walls

McAfee had a vital role to play when the world took a strong hit with the coronavirus spread. This pandemic took us on the verge of a global reset. From our lifestyle to our preferences, from social conventions to our hygiene, everything saw a drastic change. But, we quickly adapted to the changed lifestyle for a few reasons- we got to spend more time at home with the people we love, and of course, we did not have much of a choice. So let’s see how.

McAfee is famous for being a company that deals in device-to-cloud cybersecurity. It aims a world of togetherness with safety and security to everyone’s digital and personal data. The brand has raised high standards for cybersecurity. And, it’s no surprise that the world needed to be more careful with cybercrimes, during the pandemic as offices moved to homes via electronic devices. Let’s talk about the big threats and their solutions with McAfee.

Employer-employee Viewpoint

Within a few months of the global lockdown, offices started reopening as an attempt to resume the pre-pandemic work life. Employers wanted to just go back on track. But, the world was scared and reluctant to go out in the open. Employees wanted to keep working and stay home. With this being the case, companies like Zoom, Flock, Google Hangouts, and more video conferencing platforms experienced heavy workload. But, because every single activity moved to a virtual space, workplace confidentiality took a big hit. Everything was online, and cybercrimes and/or attacks saw vast increases. And both employer-employee viewpoints matched being unsafe from cyberattacks with professional as well as personal data.

Mcafee to the Rescue

McAfee is renowned and best in business when it comes to shielding data from being attacked on digital platforms. And their services are known for never disappointing with the service provided. With this being told, McAfee came up with a few solutions or, as they call it, suggestions listed below to keep your home working space safe and secured from getting attacked “virtually”:

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  • Stay Alert- It requires you to be keen-eyed of emails and text messages that ask you to either open a link, download software, or any action for that matter. You can simply ignore or delete it, or start with going to the official website of the organization to avoid any phishing links that have malicious content.
  • Regular infrastructure update- Vulnerabilities in all consumer devices came to light recently. These can be prevented with regularity in keeping your devices (for instance, smart home products, Wi-Fi routers, and the like) up-to-date.
  • Use security protection- Ensure usage of security guidelines and tools put in place by your employer. In doubtful situations, you should confirm having comprehensive protection for security from cyber attacks- like McAfee Total Protection that comes included with McAfee WebAdvisor.


With the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has seen a global reset. Physical offices moved to digital devices in a home working space. Employees were reluctant to risk getting affected by the virus while working from reopened workplaces. But, with the increased threats of cyber attacks in this technology-dominated world, businesses faced challenges with data safety. Mentioned above are a few suggestions that McAfee came up with to safeguard important data. Being known for providing such services McAfee envisions a safe environment against phishing attacks, malware and other threats alike. Thus, suggestions by the brand are extremely unlikely to disappoint.

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